Michaud was watching: extract album "Christmas in the Caribbean" (M. Pioche - H. Debs - G. Alcindor)

Michaud was watching (bis)
Night in his cottage,
Near the hamlet (bis)
Keeping his flock,
The sky shone (bis)
Of a bright light,
He began to sing:
I see, I see,
L'Etoile du berger.

The noise that he made (bis)
The pastors of Judea,
While (bis) burst
Were find Michaud
To which he says (bis)
The virgin birth
On midnight
Now, this is
What the Angel has predicted.

A poor roof (bis)
Served as a cover
Around the House (bis)
This King of Zion;
The wind whistled (bis)
Of a horrible cold,.
In the middle of the winter,
It comes, it comes,
We shoot irons;

His mother was (bis)
Seat near the crib.
Ass eating (bis)
And the beef warm;
Joseph prayed (bis)
Without candle or wick.
In this sad device
Jesus, Jesus
Shone like a Sun.

Do Lord (bis),
That your Holy Childhood
We place in heaven (bis)
Among the blessed!
Ah! What happiness! (bis)
If in our suffering
We deserve
Property, property
That you cannot remove.